Selling a house with older construction: what you should know

Selling a house with older construction: what you should know

When it comes to the buying the old or the new house, the key element is the amount of money that needs to be set aside for the purchase. Houses of the older building cost less than brand new houses and this is the main reason why customers decide to make a purchase. However, real estate older buildings usually need total repair, which can cost a lot of money. Check for more info on this hyperlink


Parking space in the older building, real estate recommends checking the quality of the facility:

What is the quality of insulation?

Are the roofing and roof in good condition? Does the roof rebuilt and when?

What it all when updated? 


Get an insight into the energy performance certificate.

Parking space in the older building, real estate recommends checking the quality of the facility:

The quality and condition of flooring, stairs, and doors and windows.

The size and number of rooms.

Condition of kitchen and bathroom.

Condition of heating and installations 

Is there damage or moisture on the internal walls, floors and ceilings?


Parking space in the older building, real estate recommends checking the quality of the facility:

The quality and condition of entrance and garage doors and fences

Condition of exterior walls.

Condition of the roof, chimneys, foundations and basement.

The windows and doors. 

By the US law, real property includes land, flats, movable and immovable property, business premises… In America, there are living and non-living space. It is important to separate what was used and what is not. The legal system in America has emerged from the British system. The tax is very strict and every citizen must fulfill its obligations. Property is the apartments, cars, gifts, all of which is owned by citizens.

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Why it is important to protect intellectual property

Why it is important to protect intellectual property

Intellectual property refers to the creations of the intellect to whose owners/creators the law assigns monopoly. Intellectual property protection unites different concepts, such as copyright, patents, trademarks, service marks, industrial design rights and in some countries’ legislation also trade secrets. This means also that intellectual property refers to the works of music, art, literature, discoveries or inventions, as well as words, phrases, designs and symbols. To put it shortly, anything that was created or found by man can falls under intellectual property and can be somehow legally protected.

intellectual-property-e1266844349931It is important to protect intellectual property for various reasons, since many aspects of trade are impacted by counterfeiting and piracy navigate to this web-site  . It is present in all the sectors of industry, but the areas that are most subject to theft of the intellectual property are consumer goods, manufacture, technology and software, as well as biotechnology, with the emphasis on pharmaceuticals.

Copied or in other words – stolen intellectual property can bring huge losses to the industry, the company or the individual it was stolen from. It is estimated that, because of piracy or counterfeit, around 512 billion USD is lost by the worldwide companies on yearly basis.


For example, when trademarks are considered, it is important to know that your brand is not protected outside your country, unless you file additional requests to protect it in other countries. This means that, if you protect a brand only in the USA, someone from another country can produce the goods under the same name or logo as yours, which may damage your earnings greatly if you export the goods abroad. What is worse, they can also register the same brand name in their country if you have not already done so.

Intelectual property

When it comes to the works of art, they are subject to the Copyright Law, and most of them are automatically protected by their very creation. Protecting work by copyright is also important because if it were not done, the author’s work might be illegally reproduced or publicly displayed, leaving the author himself without credits or without the earnings that would legally belong to him.

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Real estate law

Real estate law

This law refers to legal area that is rather large. This term is usually connected with some structures and buildings that are locate on some area or on some land. But this law doesn’t just represent that, he also regulates the land on which the structure is built. Real estate law besides these two obvious cases, acts on many different fields. He on some occasions regulates the trees, bushes, woods, natural resources of the land, drills on the land, even air above the ground. He also resolves the rights to live on the property within a specified period of time and after some time to buy it. Basically this law regulates everything regarding the land and buildings on it and every object of matter that is connected with a land.

Why-Real-Estate-Agents-Need-Social-Media-MarketingReal estate law regulates three sorts of properties: personal property – things which can be moved, for example furniture, personal belongings and etc. non- physical property – things that can’t be touched, but they are considered as physical like shares of the company and last, it refers to a land and anything that is for the time being connected with the land, like buildings read full report  .

real estateMany lawyers consider real estate as a “bundle of rights” by which owners can fully use the land or the building and their resources, in other words, the property that they buy is fully at their disposal. But some specific pieces can be extracted from this bundle as an owner’s deliberate actions. The owner can get an exclusive right to use property or to get the property that is not his and in that way he would renounce the right to eliminate people from using that part of the property. Similar to this case, the owner can buy the property that is under a subdivision and has some restricting circumstances which limit the owner how to use property. In some states of US the owner can sell the right of the land that is located below the surface, which means that one owner can live on the land, while the other owner has the right to use minerals and other resources that he finds here ..


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